The Ultimate Traffic Hack

If You’re a Beginner, This Is the Fastest Way to Stand Out and Get Noticed in 2021 – It Even Works If You Don’t Have a Blog Yet!

Beginner Friendly

Unlike other techniques, this works when you are starting from scratch.

Works on Every Platform

Interested in raising your traffic on YouTube? Or IG? This will do it.

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Simple tweaks that will make Google raise your rankings.

Instant Results

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Backed by Science

Professors like Jonah Berger have documented its effectiveness.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

In fact, this simple hack is one of the most proven concepts in online marketing. In a moment, I’ll show you the proof.

For now, I want you to understand one simple point:

This Is the “One Thing” You Must Master If You Want to Grab People’s Attention Online

Someone recently asked me this:

“If you had to start over from scratch with your writing career, and you had to choose just ONE skill to write awesome content, generate lots of traffic, and build an audience from scratch…what would it be?”

It’s a great question.

A tough question.

Now, I’ve been in this game a long time.

I helped grow 2 of the net’s most influential blogs—KISSmetrics and Copyblogger—before founding Smart Blogger and growing it into the premier training source for aspiring content marketers and online writers.

In that time, I’ve accumulated a lot of experiences and acquired a lot of skills.

But if I had to choose just ONE…

I know exactly what it would be.

It would be my ability to write compelling headlines that generate interest and make people want to click.

If you want to start a blog, attract an audience, and earn an income online as a writer, this is the #1 most important skill you can EVER learn.

No question about it.

If you’re wondering why headlines are so, so critical to your writing goals, think about these widely accepted facts:


Writing a Good Headline is the Best Way to Get People to Click, Read, and Share Your Content

Think about your own web-browsing habits here.

How do you decide when to click on an article, and when to keep scrolling?

Chances are good that you glance at the headline.

If it grabs you by the throat and demands to be read, then you click on it.

If not, then you keep scrolling without a second thought.

Your headline is the only chance you get to convince people to click, read, and share.

It doesn’t matter how good the rest of your content is…if the headline doesn’t convince people to click, it will go unread by everyone but bots and search engine crawlers.


You Only Get 1.7-2.5 Seconds To Grab A Reader’s Attention

People today are exposed to so many marketing messages on a daily basis that we’ve learned to quickly ignore anything that doesn’t jump out and scream to be heard.

The average Facebook ad, for instance, is viewed for only 2.5 seconds on desktop and 1.7 seconds on mobile.

That’s not a lot of time.

And that’s why, if you want to cut through the noise and grab the attention of prospective readers, so-so headlines just won’t cut it.

On the flipside, I’ve found that a compelling headline can increase the traffic you get from each piece of content by 10x, 100x, or even more.

And as I said, the demand is only getting bigger.

According to a recent Technavio report, the content marketing industry—which is already expected to be worth over $412 billion by 2021—will grow by an additional $269 billion through 2024:


4-5x More People Will Read Your Headline Than The Rest Of Your Content

Legendary copywriter and advertiser David Ogilvy famously said:

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

Copyblogger shares a similar statistic about online content marketing:

“On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.”

If you’re familiar with the 80/20 principle (20% of your work generates 80% of the results), then you’ll recognize this as an obvious example of the 80/20 principle at work.

Writing stellar headlines really is the 80/20 of standing out and getting good traffic.

It’s the one skill that every writer, blogger, and content marketer needs to master in order to succeed.

Now, I want to address a question I get asked a lot…

“What If I Don’t Have a Blog (Yet)?”

If you’re just getting started and haven’t actually launched your blog yet, you may be wondering:

Does writing headlines actually matter for me?

And the answer is YES. Ab-so-freaking-lutely.

Being able to write attention-grabbing headlines is critical, even if you’re a complete beginner who hasn’t started your blog yet.


For one thing, it’s the primary skill you’ll need to attract a following on social media, Medium, or with guest posting.

Which means with good headline-writing skills, you can start to make a name for yourself before you even publish your first blog post!

It also means that when you do start that blog, you’ll get results MUCH faster.

A lot of writers who launch their blog end up wasting months or even years of their life trying to gain some traction. But you won’t have to suffer through that frustrating period.

While other writers are spinning their wheels, struggling to get their blog off the ground, you’ll start grabbing attention and generating traffic from the get-go…

…all because you know how to write compelling headlines that make people want to click and read your content.

Plus: Writing Standout Headlines Is A Skill That Works Everywhere

If you want to write…

1. YouTube and podcast titles

2. Articles that get read

3. Ads that get clicked

4. Social posts that get liked

5. Emails that get opened

…then you need to write compelling headlines to make it happen.

This means that writing headlines is a versatile skill that will serve you well in so many different ways.

I don’t like to like to overstate things, but in this case, I think I’m safe in saying that writing headlines is the one skill that will change everything for you.

And if you’re not a headline master yet, I have great news:

With the Right Training, ANYONE Can Master Headlines And Skyrocket Their Traffic

So how do you write these amazing headlines?

Do you have to be born with a special headline gene?

Do you have to be bitten by a radioactive spider to acquire special headline superpowers?

Do you need parents who began preparing you for a life of headline writing at a very young age?

Fortunately—no. All it takes is the right training.

Don’t get me wrong: writing tremendous headlines is a skill that will take some time and practice to master.

But this isn’t theoretical physics. It doesn’t take years and years of meticulous study and memorizing hundreds of complicated equations.

In fact, you can master the most important headline-writing concepts in a matter of hours.

Of course, this is assuming that you’re learning from someone who KNOWS all those concepts and has mastered them himself.

Now I don’t like to toot my own horn, but do want to reassure you that I’m more than capable of teaching you everything you need to know about how to write attention-grabbing headlines that compel readers to click.

The Story Of How I Wrote Over 36,000 Headlines In My First Year As A Writer

It’s true:

In my first year as an online writer and content marketer, I wrote 100 headlines per day. Every day.

100 X 365 = 36,500

It obviously took a LOT of time to write all those headlines but  it was time well-spent. It prepared me to build a massive online audience for 3 separate brands and turned me into such an in-demand content writer that I used to charge as much as $5,000 for a single post.

That’s not a typo. $5000 per post was my fee, making me one of the highest-paid writers in the world.

And a big piece of that was the headlines.

The good news?

For the first time ever, I’m about to reveal all my secrets, plus teach you a framework anyone can use to write brilliant headlines, even without writing 36,500 headlines of your own.

Introducing The Headlines MasterClass by Smart Blogger

My team and I recently held a special event called the Headlines MasterClass.

Over 500 people from around the world paid to attend, and for several hours, we dove deep into the process of writing great headlines. Not only did we teach how to do it, but we walked through live examples of each type of headline.

Attendees were so excited. Finally, they understood how to make their content stand out and get traffic in 2021.

And the good news?

We recorded thing.

Today, you can have access to this world-class training on headlines and go through the recordings and worksheets, just like you were actually there in person.

And remember, this works even if you don’t have a blog yet!

You’ll learn how to write compelling headlines that get clicks, that rank well for organic traffic, and that generate massive shares on social media.

No matter what other courses or workshops you’ve taken, this masterclass is the perfect complement.

The headline-writing secrets you’ll learn will improve your results for content marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

It will help you generate more paid traffic, organic traffic, email traffic, and social traffic.

In a nutshell, it’s the single most important skill ANY writer can master to skyrocket their results. It will pay immediate dividends and will continue to pay off over the years and decades ahead.

Who Is This Training For?

Are you an absolute beginner, with big ambitions but no blog or online presence?

Then this training is PERFECT for you. It will teach you the single-most important skill you’ll need to get your blog off the ground, fast.

Have you been writing for a while with little or nothing to show for your efforts?

Then this training is EXACTLY what you’ve been missing. When you master these powerful headline-writing techniques, you’ll see an immediate uptick in the response to your work.

In the past, this was the main thing you’ve been missing.

But now, it will become the main reason you finally succeed.

And here’s the best part:

Today, you can have the entire package for only $99 – that’s 50% off!

Go here to register now:

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Sign Up Today

The Headlines MasterClass is the recordings of a live event with me and my team. We’ll cover all these topics:

Headlines 101, where you’ll learn…

  • The role and importance of headlines on Stopdifferent platforms
  • How to use the “3AM Principle” to speak to your reader’s desires and frustrations
  • The 2 basic types of headlines, and when to use them
  • How to master “The Granddaddy of all headlines” (hint: I used it in this bullet)

SEO Headlines, where you’ll learn…

  • How to discover the right keywords for your content
  • What “search intent” is, and how it affects what kind of headline you should write
  • The most common SEO frameworks for high-performing content
  • What modifiers are, and how they can help you get more traffic from your best keywords

Social Headlines, where you’ll learn…

  • How to apply the psychological science behind word-of-mouth transmission to craft more contagious content
  • The power of the meta-emotion surprise, and how to use it to power-up your headlines
  • How to apply the concepts of story and dominant emotion to tug at your readers’ heartstrings
  • What contrarian headlines are, and why they work so well on social networks
  • The concept of “raising the stakes” to ratchet up the gripping power of your headlines

Throughout the training, we’ll also go through 15 exercises together to help you put your new learnings into action immediately.

Plus, to make sure you have absolutely everything you need to succeed, we’re throwing in these extra bonus resources:

  • Headline swipe file for different platforms
  • Worksheets for every section of the training

As you can see, this MasterClass is…

The Most Comprehensive Training On Headlines Available Anywhere

We’ve gone all-out to make this the most complete training of its kind in the world.

Sure, there are other courses that teach you a little bit here and there about writing headlines…

But they’re always incomplete. Just a single module from a course; a small piece of the pie. Never the main event.

No one else has ever broken down the principles of how to write great headlines in this much depth before, even explaining the different types of headlines and how to adapt them for each platform.

This is brand-new content that my team of experts and I have created specifically for this MasterClass. It’s not a rehash of information that’s available anywhere else.

So what does that mean for you?

The good news is that this brand-new course is brimming with exclusive and extremely valuable material that will help you stand out above other writers.

The bad news is that there’s nowhere else you can go to get this information. It’s ONLY available in this one-time live event.

Fortunately, the price is low enough to put it easily within any budget. Only $99 for the full package – 50% off our normal price!


Writing attention-grabbing headlines is the #1 most critical skill you can ever learn to create content that stands out and gets you noticed.

But you have to register now, because this is a limited time discount…and if you miss it, you’ll have to pay double what everyone else is paying today.

So sign up now, save $100, and get ready to write the best headlines of your life.

You won’t regret it.


Frequently Asked Questions About The Headlines MasterClass

Yes, absolutely! You can use this training to attract a following on social media, Medium, or with guest posts. It will dramatically speed up the time it takes for you to see results.

Yes, because you can adapt the headlines in a way that feels more natural to you. Finding success online isn’t about following some rigid formula, but rather it’s about finding the overlap between your personality and what works for your audience.

Unfortunately, no. This training is designed exclusively for writing in English.

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So if you have any ambition to be an online writer, content marketer, or blogger, sign up now to save 50% on this must-have training:

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