Follow The Simple System We Used To Get 390,332 Visitors From Google Last Year Alone (To Just One Blog Post)…


If you’re like most bloggers, you probably struggle with getting enough traffic from Google…  

Maybe you see a trickle of visitors here, a few hits there…

But without a proper SEO strategy, your content won’t ever reach much more than a few random searchers.  

It sucks, I know…

Especially if you’re unsure of what to do to get past this stage.  

But if you want your blog to succeed, you must get past this roadblock before it’s too late.  

Because search engine traffic is your blog’s lifeblood.  

And without it, even the best-written blog is doomed to fail – regardless of your niche.  

Because the truth is, it doesn’t matter how much great content you’re writing if Google is completely ignoring it.  

And it’s a huge waste of your time too.  

You’re putting in a ton of effort, but never seem to get any closer to finding the search traffic you desperately need.  

You can’t get traffic without content, but your content is not bringing you traffic.  

It’s like going round in circles – you’re stuck in the Catch-22 of blogging!  

So, how to get out of this cycle?  

Well, you’ve probably heard that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to rank higher in Google and increase traffic to your site.  

But for many bloggers…  

Trying To Boost Your Blog’s Traffic With SEO Can Be An Uphill Struggle


If you’re new to blogging and haven’t begun optimizing your blog for SEO, it can seem like a dark shadow lurking just around the corner…

You try to avoid it, but you know you’ll have to deal with it eventually…  

…which can be scary.  

And if you’ve tried using SEO already, or followed some of the seemingly endless free tips all those ‘SEO experts’ talk about online, you’re probably still not getting the results you were promised.  

…which is soooo frustrating!  

Either way:

SEO Can Feel Like The Beginner Blogger’s Nemesis. Well, Not Any More…


That feeling of hopelessness ends for you, TODAY.  

Hey, I’m Jon Morrow, founder and CEO of Smart Blogger…

In case you’re new to our story, I built an audience of over 13,000 email subscribers for a new blog before publishing a single post…  

And at Smart Blogger, we’ve grown our audience to over 100,000 subscribers by teaching people about writing and blogging with our successful courses.  

Today I wanted to tell you there’s actually a clear and simple SEO roadmap that’s designed specifically for bloggers.  

(Not techies…  

Normal bloggers.  

People like YOU…)  

It’s a step-by-step guide written BY bloggers, FOR bloggers, in straightforward, honest language… 

…so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get more traffic to their blog, but is confused about the ‘mysteries of SEO’.  

And because we never teach something unless we’ve done it successfully ourselves, this guide outlines the same simple steps we used to attract 390,332 visitors from Google last year alone…  

…all to one single blog post.  

That consistent flood of search traffic has helped us pass the $100,000 a month mark with our blog’s revenue.  

And if you want to increase traffic to your blog and rank higher in Google so your audience grows and grows, you can follow the exact same method we used when you get the guide.

Here’s Why The Smart Blogger SEO 101 Guide Is An Essential Tool For Growing Your Audience


To reach a bigger audience and make your blog a success, you probably know you need to write great content and optimize it for keywords…  

But how do you actually DO that?  

There are so many different opinions about SEO out there it’s hard to know where to turn…  

It feels like you’re bombarded with confusing, contradictory free advice all over the web…  

Talk about information overwhelm!  

That’s why we’ve created a clear, simple guide that separates SEO fact from fiction…  

You can use it to follow the same non-spammy, always-relevant tactics we used to get over half a million visits to one post last year.

We’ve Grown An Audience Of Over 100,000 Subscribers With These Smart SEO & Traffic Tactics

…and now we’re sharing them with you in our SEO 101 guide.  

It’s a mini-course covering the essential SEO need-to-knows for bloggers – there’s no ‘information overwhelm’ in sight, and we won’t go all techie on you (I promise!)  

You can get your copy of the guide instantly, right from this page…  

And start using it TODAY to shoot up the search rankings and generate a steady stream of visitors to your blog from Google.  

If you want to attract more readers, subscribers, customers and fans, we’ll show you how to do it.

And get this:  

Our guide is designed to be so simple and straightforward, absolutely ANYONE can use it!  

Even if you’ve never tried optimizing your blog for search traffic before, you’ll know what to do in just a few minutes’ time.  

Following this simple process is the easiest way to get your SEO in order and finally make Google search work for you.  

You can apply these steps at any stage in your blogging career –so think of this guide as your roadmap.  

It contains clear, simple, actionable steps anyone can follow, even if you just started your blog yesterday.

“Sounds Great Jon, But I’m A Blogger, Not A Techie… Will I Still Understand All This SEO Stuff?”


Here’s my promise to you:  

You will be able to understand and implement everything in this guide, even if you’re a total technophobe.  

Everything is explained in clear, non-techie language in the guide, because we created it for bloggers…  

And we know how to explain this process for your specific needs.  

We’ll cover the essentials of what you should really be doing for better search rankings:  

Need-to-knows like keyword planning, outreach and optimization…  

…as well as what to expect when you implement our process.  

What we WON’T do is blind you with science and go deep into stuff only SEO experts can understand.  

These are the foundations of search engine optimization, designed for bloggers who want to consistently get more traffic from search engines like Google.

“Will This Take Me Hours To Read And Setup?”

Not at all. In fact…  

You can read the whole guide in under an hour, AND start implementing everything right away (today!) simply by following the steps we’ve outlined.  

Unlike with some exhausting, bloated guides – where the further you read the more confusing things seem to get, and you end up overwhelmed and implementing nothing – this is lean and 100% actionable…  

Hence the title: “SEO 101”.  

We’re not aiming to teach you EVERYTHING about SEO – that would be a waste of time…

There are so many different strategies out there, it’s impossible for ANYONE to understand all of them. And you don’t need to!  

Because this mini-course covers just what you NEED to know right now:  

All the essentials that will help you boost your blog traffic, rise in the search rankings and break through your SEO roadblock.  

That’s super-valuable information when you consider how important search traffic is to your blog’s success…  

And how we used these same tactics to pull in over half a million visitors from Google to a single post last year.  

Now here’s where things get even better:  

You can get the mini-course from this page today…  

…for less than the price of a movie ticket.

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“Only $7… seriously?”  

Yes, seriously ; -)  

In today’s flash sale we’re slashing the regular full price of $49 to just a handful of change…  

Because I want to help as many bloggers as I possibly can overcome their SEO struggles.  

It’s my way of sharing these tips with the people who need them most – because everyone can afford $7 to learn the essentials of SEO, get more traffic and start making money from their blog.  

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Because the $7 you invest now will come flying back at you thousands of times over when you start getting floods of visitors… subscribers… and customers to your blog…  

All from search traffic sent your way by Google, because you took action and followed the smart SEO strategy we outlined.  

And if you’re brand new to blogging, it’s even more important to grab the SEO 101 guide…

Because here’s a heads-up:  

There is an absolute ocean of misinformation out there about SEO for bloggers…  

Tons of free ‘advice’ from so-called SEO ‘experts’ all outlining different hacks, loopholes and ‘black hat’ tactics that can get you nixed by Google and cut off your blog traffic in a heartbeat.  

And if you don’t know what’s right from what’s wrong, you can easily end up following the wrong strategy and doing permanent damage to your blog.  

I know it can be tempting when you’re starting out to try and cobble together some sort of SEO strategy from the endless maze of free content out there…  

(Even though it takes hours of scouring around online, I still hear of beginner bloggers doing this to try and save a few bucks in the short-term!)  

But ‘free’ usually means ‘risky’ – especially when it comes to SEO.

It’s Important To Know What’s Good Advice And What You Should Avoid Like The Plague…

Especially if you’re new to blogging and search traffic.  

You should ignore out of date advice that can be as dangerous to your blog’s health as eating out-of-date food is to yours…  

…and free ‘amateur hour’ content that looks like a bargain but proves extremely costly in the long run.  

That’s why I recommend you get started the right way – and avoid trying to patch together some sort of free content ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ of an SEO strategy…  

And instead, follow what’s PROVEN to work.  

As an example of that process, here’s our Power Words post on

And here’s proof it got 390,332 visits in 2019 ALONE:

When you get the SEO 101 mini-course, you’ll be able to follow the same SEO strategy we used to nearly half a million visitors from Google to that post.  

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Ready to grab the guide and rise up the Google rankings?  

Here’s one last reason why getting our mini-course is a no-brainer…


Even at just $7 I want you to be absolutely sure this is a great deal for you.  

That’s why I’m including my 100% money back guarantee when you get the Smart Blogger SEO 101 guide from this page.  

If for any reason – like you wake up tomorrow and decide blogging’s not for you…  

…or the SEO 101 mini-course isn’t what you expected…  

Just shoot me an email within 14 days and I’ll refund your $7.

Sound fair?  

Awesome! Go ahead and grab your copy by clicking the button NOW while it’s still just $7.

And remember to implement everything you learn – that’s the way to conquer your SEO hang-ups!  

You can do it.  

I believe in you.  

So hit the button and get started – right now!  

Jon Morrow
Founder and CEO, Smart Blogger  

PS – still on the fence about this?  

Ok, here’s a couple of FAQs about this mini-course to help you decide if it’s right for you…

“What if I don’t have an audience yet?”

Not a problem – you don’t need an existing audience to make our strategy work.  

We designed this guide to be perfect for newbie bloggers who want to use search traffic to grow their audience from zero.

“Will I need to buy a whole bunch of tech or apps to make this work?”  

Nope. We’ve designed this guide so anyone can use it, no matter where you are or what your ‘tech level’ is…  

And all the tools we recommend are linked to, available for FREE and super-easy to setup. Win-win! 

“How is this mini-course different to the spammy SEO ‘hacks’ and loopholes like I hear about?”  

Our mini-course only outlines solid principles for long-term success, and stays waaaaaay clear of any spammy hacks used by freebie-seekers looking for short-term traffic spikes.

We realize there’s a minefield of opinions and bad advice out there about SEO, and it can sometimes feel like you’re being showered with contradictory info. So we’ve kept things lean, clean and 100% blogger-friendly…  

We’re the blogging world’s trusted resource and we intend to keep it that way. That’s why this mini-course includes the same tactics we applied to our mega-successful Power Words post…  

…it’s been live since 2013, ranks at #1 on the first page of Google and had over half a million visits last year alone!  

(Can some shady ‘SEO guru’ offering loopholes and free ‘hacks’ say the same about their content?)

“What if Google changes things overnight?”  

When people talk about Google ‘slap-downs’ and sudden changes, they’re really talking about bad practices being found out.  

Google makes updates to reward good content and give YOU an advantage over those who are trying to game the system… so you won’t ever get ‘slapped down’ for implementing anything you learn in our guide. 

Instead you’ll discover how to actually use Google’s own tools and best practices to do SEO the right way – so you won’t make the mistakes others do, like trying to second-guess its rules and processes.  

If you’re a blogger looking to grow your audience, ‘Big G’ is your friend, not your enemy – that’s how we see it, and how this mini-course works.

“What if this guide contains stuff I already know?”  

This is the only guide that gives you Smart Blogger’s own trusted SEO strategy and tactics all in one place.  

Which makes it a lot more reliable than trying to cobble together your own ‘bits and pieces’ strategy from random sources you stumbled across online…  

But if you get the guide and don’t think you’ve learned anything new or don’t feel it’s good value, just activate my 100% money back guarantee and easily claim your $7 refund inside 14 days.  

You’ve literally got nothing to lose!  

Ok, sound good?  

Grab your SEO 101 guide today and find out how to generate more search traffic and shoot up the Google rankings…  

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