Announcing the Smart Blogger Writing Challenge

Our Rockstar Editors Are Going to Help You Write an Amazing Blog Post Over the Next 10 Days!

Write Blog Posts That Stand out from the Competition

Pick up Skills That'll Help You Become a Freelance Writer

Get Help from Some of the World's Top Editors

This Is Your Chance to Kickstart Your Writing and Get Feedback from Us for a Pittance!

I’m going to keep this short, because listen…

You know you should be writing more.

You know there are loads of opportunities out there for writers.

You know all of us at Smart Blogger are complete bad asses (… it’s true), and you should have signed up for one of our premium courses by now.

But life keeps getting in the way! Aaarghhh!

Yes, you’re busy, but this goes way beyond that.

It’s like the universe is conspiring against you to keep you from writing.

It’s like you’re sabotaging yourself.

It’s like… dare I say it… you’re a bit nervous to put your writing out there in the cold, cruel world.

So, you come up with excuses. You procrastinate. You promise yourself you’ll get started later…

… and later never happens.


Well, I have some news for you…

The Procrastination Stops Right Freaking Now!

The entire Smart Blogger team of writing bad asses is showing up at your doorstep.

This is an intervention.

We are here to MAKE you write.

Even if it’s one stupid post. Even if we have to guide you through every step. Even if we have to give you feedback without earning our usual outlandish fees.

Not forever, mind you. Just for the next 10 days. After that, everything returns to normal.

But until then, we will push you, cajole you, guide you into writing a post so amazing you’ll read it over and over again, scarcely believing you’re the one who wrote it.

It’ll banish your self-doubts. It’ll fill you with confidence. It’ll make you so proud you might cry a tear or two.


How do I know that?

In 10 Days, You Will Publish An Amazing Post

Every day, we’ll tackle one little “chunk” of the post. One day for headlines, another for your introduction, and so on.

Every day, you’ll also have a chance to get feedback from our editors. We can’t promise a detailed response for everyone – there will be hundreds of people in the challenge – but you might be surprised by how many of you we can help!

There will also be Facebook Lives with our team, giving you quick, short feedback and tips in real time, Q&A sessions, watch parties, everything you need to make progress fast.

Oh, and did I mention you can also see what other students are writing?

You’ll be a part of a community of hundreds of beginner writers, just like yourself, everyone working to improve, everyone encouraging each other, everyone learning from the successes and  struggles of others.

It’s going to be quite an event! You don’t want to miss it!

But what if you haven’t started your blog yet?

You can still participate!

We’ll show you how to publish your post on Medium. It’s easy, free, and you can even use a pen name if you want.

But listen…

A big part of this challenge is getting comfortable publishing your work online. For you to complete the challenge, you’ll not only need to write a post but also publish it for the world to see.

Yes, that can be scary, but you can do it! Publishing your first post is a crucial milestone, and you’ll feel so much more confident after you click publish.

You don’t want to miss it!

Do You Need to Attend at Certain Times?

Nope, you can participate on your schedule.

That being said, some of the Facebook Lives and other Q&A’s will only be at certain times. You don’t need to participate live, but it will certainly add to the experience.

The good news is, we’ll have events scheduled at times friendly to both US and UK students. You should be able to find at least a few that work for you.

Through the magic of Facebook, you can also attend on your phone. So, no worries if you’re out and about.

Here's How to Join the Challenge

First, click this button to go to the checkout page:

Once you’ve paid your $10 entry fee, you’ll receive instructions on how to access the Facebook group for the challenge.

To make things extra fun, feel free to invite a friend as well. Just send them to this page so they can pay their own $10 entry fee.

Just be quick!

The challenge starts on Wednesday, September 18th, and we will be closing registration after it starts.

Once the challenge is over, it’s over. We will archive all the content and lock the group so no one can join or post.

Oh, and one more thing…

You're Protected by a Moneyback Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the challenge, just ask us for a refund all the way up to the end, and we will happily return your money, no questions asked.

But I doubt that’s going to happen.

At the end of the challenge, when your post goes live, I think you’re going to feel so happy about the whole experience you’ll wish we were doing one of these every week.
(We’re not! It’s too much work!)

The bottom line?

This is the best opportunity you’re ever going to find for kickstarting your writing. Join us inside if you can…

… or if not, that’s cool too. All we wanted to do with this is give you a little kick in the pants to get you going. 😉


Jon Morrow
Smart Blogger

Registration Closes in…