Here's Your Step-By-Step Roadmap to Becoming a Highly Paid Freelance Writer, Starting from Scratch

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Inside the Freelance Writer's Toolkit, You'll Find…

  • A quick start guide to each type of writing, giving you the most important facts about the way the industry works and tips for how to maximize your income
  • A beginner’s roadmap for each type of writing, showing what to do at every step in your journey from beginner to master of your craft
  • Resource packs for each type of writing, telling you the most important blogs, Facebook groups, YouTube channels, and courses to improve your skills
  • Pricing guides for each type of writing, so you always know how much to charge, regardless of your experience level
  • A fill in the blank contract for each type of writing, reviewed and approved by our attorneys, so you know you are protected when working with clients

In other words, it’s like five courses in one, carefully walking you through each type of writing and how to make money at it.

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